Typical Wedding at Rosewood

(ceremony only 3:00 pm start time)

While our gardens are always maintained we pay special attention to them at least two days prior to the day of the service. Bushes are trimmed, everything is deadheaded and weeded, lawns are mowed and trimmed and outdoor furniture is cleaned.

Prior to the wedding day usually if any champagne is to be served it arrives the day before. Also the wedding dress can arrive the day before.

There is usually a complete rehearsal of the wedding on the day before the wedding (around 4pm). All bridal party, grooms party, and any guests who are in the wedding party and will be ON the gazebo during the ceremony are urged to attend this rehearsal. If the bride has special music for the ceremony (processional, signing of registry, recessional) please bring your CDs and speak to Daniel - he will take care of all music and in some cases will burn a CD so all music is positioned one track after the other.

On the day of:

8:00 AM - decorating of the Gazebo begins:

  • tewel fabric around the gazebo
  • small bouquets on each post
  • furniture removed, floor swept and appropriate number of chairs set up
  • signing table cleaned and lace tablecloths added
  • furniture positioned around the perimeter of the centre pond
  • two large bouquets prepared in wicker baskets and positioned on gazebo
  • outdoor covered deck area cleaned, ashtrays put out
  • decorations added to covered deck and fresh bouquets
  • fresh bouquets in the house and suites
  • entrance hall set up for guests to arrive (guest book, basket for gifts)

During the morning:

  • Flowers for wedding party arrive and are stored in our catering area.
  • Any champagne can arrive or maybe has arrived the day before.
  • Champagne put on ice.
12:00 - 1:00
  • Bride and her party arrive and use the master suite on the second floor for dressing
      • hair, nails etc.
  • If the bride is having her hair/nails prepared off site then she should arrive no later than 1:00 for dressing AND photography.


Daniel double-checks everything, makes sure all music is "cued"

  • Grooms party arrives and moves into the games room.
  • Parking volunteer to meet with Daniel to help with parking.
  • If the number of guests is over 50 perhaps two volunteers would be appreciated.
  • Daniel in white dinner jacket is stationed to receive all guests
  • Guests are directed into the main entrance to sign the guest book and leave gifts.
  • Sometimes a member of the family is in the entrance hall to welcome the guests
  • Pinning of Boutonnières may need a volunteer as well as we don't necessarily know the entire wedding party.

Parking Volunteers:

The parking volunteers are positioned 1) up on Pine Road at the entrance to Rosewood. That person is to greet the car and ask the driver to proceed down into Rosewood, stop in the car port, unload their guests and then proceed out through the circular drive to the street. Parking is permitted on only ONE side of the street. Cars could be towed if they park on both sides.

The second volunteer is there to open doors, and in some cases motion the driver to park in Rosewood's lot - these cars are for anyone who is a senior, has trouble walking, or has a disability, or is in a wheelchair. It would be appreciated if we know how many cars will need to park in the lot. It can hold approximately 16 cars and three more up at the cottage behind.

Once the guests are out of their cars Daniel will welcome them to Rosewood and direct them to the entrance where they can sign the guest book.


There should be some designate (usually the "Master of Ceremonies") who will ask the guests to being to move down to the Gazebo. Guests can stand around the edges of the pond. In July/August you might mention in your invitations that sun hats might not be a bad idea as it can get hot. We have a few white umbrellas is needed.


Daniel and parking volunteers move into Rosewood to get ready for the ceremony.

Daniel moves the grooms party and all wedding party members (except bridal party) over to the east lawn and gets them in order. All but grooms men and marriage commissioner can now proceed down to their seats on the Gazebo.


Depending if the Bride is ready (and she can take as much time as she wants - its HER DAY!!) Daniel will be in touch with Susan as to how things are going and once the photography is finished upstairs the bridal party will move down through the Sunset Suite to the West lawn for lining up for the processional.

Once the bridal party comes downstairs Daniel will signal the grooms party and marriage commissioner to move down to the Gazebo. And once Daniel gets the signal from Susan the music will start and so does the bridal party.

Once the bride is in position on the Gazebo the music will stop. More music can be played during the signing of the registry (which can take about 3 to 4 minutes), and more at the end. We have a number of wedding selections you can listen too.

After the service it is recommended that the bride STAY on the gazebo out of the sun and the entire party can receive the guests who will come up onto the gazebo and exit the other side. The master of ceremonies should direct guests to come up to meet the "new couple".


Your Checklist

We would like a list of the following names:
  • Bridal party
  • Grooms party
  • any guests who will be part of the ceremony.
  • photographer
  • master of ceremonies
  • parking attendants
  • person greeting in the entranceway (and helper with flowers)
We also would like to know:
  • number of invited guests
  • approximate number of cars coming to Rosewood
  • of the occupants do any have special needs (wheelchair, walkers, etc.)
  • some parking spaces can be set aside for seniors so they do not have to walk down the driveway.
Any food and champagne etc. will be discussed with Susan.