The Best Places to Kiss
in the Northwest

Seventh Edition -- December 1998

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Three-and-a-half Kisses!

At first glance Rosewood looks like a renovated or beautifully maintained turn-of-the-century house, but it is actually a newly built reproduction of a 1910 Craftsman-style home. From the gabled detailing to the antique leaded glass windows, every aspect of this slate blue house is immaculate and authentic feeling. Lush flower gardens trim the home in brilliant color, and a charming gazebo is set near a spring-fed pond in the front yard. Tender loving care and attention to detail mark every inch of the Rosewood. And except for the third floor, where the innkeepers reside, the entire house is yours.

Polished hardwood floors, Oriental carpets, and gorgeous antiques adorn the interior, and an elegantly appointed sitting room provides a place to relax and savor the view of the ocean and mountains. The main floor holds one guest room (the Orchid Room) and a large suite (the Sunset room) ** Please see below ; these two rooms can be rented as one unit for families or couples traveling together. The Orchid Room is small and attractive, with a queen-size bed in a contemporary bedframe, floral linens, a down comforter, pale lavender walls, and a detached bath. The Sunset Room is one of the absolute best amorous options on the Sunshine Coast, with its cushioned window seat where you can watch the sun make its dramatic daily exit. A tub is cleverly tucked beneath the window seat, so sunset soaks are a definite option. In addition, this opulent room features a private entrance, a gas fireplace in a brick hearth, a TV/VCR and CD player, a queen-size brass bed, lace appointments, and exquisite decor. the full en suite bathroom holds a double shower. a separate entertainment room available to all guest features a pool table, but such distractions hardly seem necessary in such a romantic setting.

At breakfast time, champagne, orange juice, warm croissants, and home-baked muffins accompany the health-conscious, filling meal served in the sunny breakfast room. All of the jams and jellies are homemade. In fact, ask your attentive hostess about the various gourmet delights she creates; her pantry is full of goodies that would put Martha Stewart to shame.

**[Please note: The Sunset Room and the Green Room are one and the same -- we are in the midst of a name change -- Rosewood]

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